Become a real estate sales star – get a significant advantage over your competitors. Invest in a tool that sells for you 24/7!

Stand out!

Virtual tours attract the attention of website visitors and encourage them to linger on viewing virtual tours longer. If they are interested in the project, they cannot help but fall in love with what they see.

Make your views interact.

A photo-realistic virtual tour allows potential clients to see every room and corner at their own pace. Anytime and as many times as they want.

Let users feel possession.

Virtual computer tours allow viewers to experience how it feels to live in a shown dwelling. It shows textiles and materials, textures, colors, and fine details from any point of view.

How does it work?

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Frequently asked Questions

This page lists the most frequently asked questions about computer visualization (CGI) and answers to them. Just click on the section you are interested in and get the answer. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our account manager via the contact form or WhatsApp.

There are three ways to use virtual 3D tours – you can post them on websites, apps, and Facebook.

In a website

The client can upload a 3D virtual tour on his website as:

– an additional page;

– a part of the current page with the #iframe tag.

In mobile apps

There are plenty of apps that support 360 panoramas. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can upload one or more panoramic 3D renders to show how the rooms would look in real life. Applications use the device’s accelerometer, so the view changes accordingly when you move or tilt the device. Some of the most popular apps are Vieweet 360 and P360, available for iOS and Android.

Usage of 3D virtual tours in Facebook posts, groups, or promotional posts

You can add a 3D panoramic image to your Facebook post so your followers can view the 360-degree panorama right on your wine.

Virtual computer tours show future homes in photorealistic quality. Placed on websites, they present properties 24/7 and attract more potential customers to listings. In addition, 3D tours are interactive. They allow people to view every aspect of the space for as long as they want and return to them as many times.

There is a large selection of virtual reality glasses on the market; for some of them, for example, Oculus Rift, their version of a virtual tour is created in programs like Unreal Engine. This page presents the most popular types of 3D virtual tours; they can be easily freely viewed in Google Cardboard glasses or similar inexpensive models. If you need a special tour compatible with your glasses model, let us know, and we will provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

To create a virtual tour for you, 3D artists need floor plans, facades, furniture arrangements, lighting schemes, a selection of furniture and finishing materials, and background images. In addition, in each tour, there are hotspots – indicators that help viewers navigate in virtual rooms. So, in your project brief, you should specify how many hotspots you want on your tour and where you want to place them.

The cost of a virtual tour depends on the specifics of a particular project. For an accurate estimate, please contact us via contact form or WhatsApp.

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