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Visualization of a private house in boho style

3D Interior Vizualisation

Visualization of a private house in boho style

Stas Krupetsky

Stas Krupetsky

Blogger, Photographer,
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Point Of View 360

Client’s name : Interior Architect and Designer Nathalie Levon

Number of edits : 2

First results delivery: in 7 business days after the brief

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The clients are an elderly couple in their 50s with two teenage children. They decided to build a house on the hills of Mevaseret Zion, where they spent their childhood. They worked and studied in Europe, she is a doctor, he is a financier.

They worked in international organizations. Managed to live in Asia, Europe and Africa. It was during their travels that they learned to love and appreciate a multicultural lifestyle filled with a mixture of memories and encounters from the places they visited and where they lived. The home they asked to design to reflect their lifestyle: eclectic, rugged, authentic and warm at the same time. It is a welcoming and lively place where parties and dinners are held and stories are told.

This visualization is the result of joint creativity. Nathalie set the tone and general idea by talking about the family and their preferences. Together we created a bunch of moodboards on Pinterest to set ourselves with the right mood. After brainstorming, we crated the concept for the future interior design. And voilà! Work with 3D models, choosing angles, lighting tests, adjustments and color correction began.

A month of work and here is the result of our collaboration!


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