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Top 5 bathroom trends for 2022

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Top 5 bathroom trends for 2022

Katerina Pavelescu

Katerina Pavelescu

Interior Designer,
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Despite the fact that we spend much less time in the bathroom than in the rest of the apartment, the thoughtful design of the bathroom is as important as the living room or kitchen. From an aesthetic point of view, the bathroom can perform different functions: invigorate and cheer you up in the morning or relax in the evening after a busy day. These problems can be solved both with the help of decoration and with the help of lighting.

In this article, we have collected for you the main trends in the in 2022 based on some interesting bathroom visualization projects we have done for our clients.

1. Environmental friendliness

More and more people are striving for reasonable consumption and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The trend is reflected in the design of bathrooms, with organic and sustainable materials in the forefront, as well as sanitary ware with energy and water saving modes.

For the David Collins Architectural Bureau from Israel, we created this visualization of a bathroom. Here is the final result of our work, the visualization of an eco-friendly bathroom

2. Contribution to comfort

At the peak of popularity will be ergonomic things and solutions that simplify human life. Touchless faucets reduce the risk of bacteria transmission, special surface coatings on sanitary ware repels dirt, and the perfect bathroom cabinet should open with just one touch. Comfort can be traced in every detail – from the thoughtful arrangement of plumbing and furniture to the presence of “smart” accessories (water leakage sensors), with which the use of the bathroom becomes as convenient as possible.

Furniture for a modern bathroom should combine functionality and beauty.
David Colins architects has created a bathroom that will never go out of style.

3. Refreshed minimalism

Minimalism will not lose its leading position in the list of trends. There is a logical explanation for this: people want to take a break from the visual noise and feel complete peace of mind. In 2022, it is recommended to design simple and bright interiors, focusing on the visual increase in space. However, do not forget about practicality – clear forms are combined with well-thought-out functionality. We created a series of hyper-realistic visualizations for our client from New York, that combine all the recognizable features of the style.

Designer Liat Tzubari
Visualization: Point of View 360

4. Supremacy of the Feelings

Color, shape and textures affect how a person feels. In the new year, rounded shapes will be at the peak of popularity, emphasizing the atmosphere of tranquility, as well as discreet warm shades. If you don’t like flashy details, look at tone-on-tone designs – furniture-colored handles and monochrome accessories that blend into the room.

We created this bathroom in Germany as part of a project for the talented French-Israeli designer Natalie Levon. Thanks to the visualization, she was able to decide on the colors and finishes. The result is amazing!

3D Viz Calculator

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5. Decoration

It is not enough to buy high-quality sanitary ware and choose beautiful finishing materials. The details create the atmosphere, so you need to select them thoroughly. Since minimalism is in trend, don’t add a lot of decors, but match every detail with style.

Exquisite furniture design will transform even a small room. This bathroom was designed by Einav Rosiano.
The finish is made of Italian porcelain stoneware, the countertop is natural marble. With the help of light shades, it was possible to visually increase the space of the bathroom.

3D visualization will allow you to plan the bathroom without errors. You need to know the exact dimensions of the bathroom, the placement of the sanitary ware, and a series of ceramic tiles for the walls and floor are required in order to make a visualization. 3-5 angles are enough for a full understanding of the bathroom design.

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