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Hyper-realistic visualization of a luxury penthouse

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Hyper-realistic visualization of a luxury penthouse 

Hyper-Realistic Visualization Of A Luxury Penthouse

Stas Krupetsky

Stas Krupetsky

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Client’s name : Keren Or Noyman 
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First results delivery: in 9 business days after the brief
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We are pleased to present you a new penthouse visualization project that we made for interior designer Keren Or Noyman.

Keren came to us for two reasons. First of all, she needed high-quality visualizations to present it on a TV show. And the second reason is that Keren needed visualizations to demonstrate the design concept to the clients.

The brief that we received from the designer was for a luxurious penthouse in Ramat Gan. It was a functional and harmonious design in modern minimalist style. The main interior colors are black, white, gray, and some shades of gold. The complexity of the place is that the design should be minimalist but still cozy. See how we coped with the task and what tools we used.


Let's start our story from the kitchen

It is made in a functional and harmonious design in a modern minimalist style. All design elements match each other thanks to the monochrome palette, continuous lines, texture, and customized lighting. The kitchen occupies the entire wall and separates two common spaces. The kitchen is quite large, and it was important to show how it fits in with the rest of the space. Together with the designer we experimented a lot with the color scheme, and in the end we settled on a combination of ebony, brass, and black marble. We made the built-in appliances and an induction oven not too noticeable, which fits into the concept of the kitchen.

The living room

The living room is designed to create a sense of comfort. The designer left an ample amount of free space to create a spacious atmosphere. The center of the living room is a functional bio-fireplace. The main materials of the fireplace are painted wood and a concrete base. The materials logically connect  the living room and kitchen together. 

In the evening, it is pleasant to meet the whole family here to watch TV, and the fireplace will make these meetings even more memorable.

A chic corner sofa by Sofa Björn L – Eichholtz and armchairs by Moroso PACIFIC create a sense of cozy space for the whole family. They perfectly complement the overall color scheme, and are very comfortable.

Let's talk about terrace

According to the designer, the terrace should look like a natural corner for relaxation and family time. Therefore, in addition to the terraces, we have developed a landscaping design. We used various types of trees and shrubs placed in boxes along the balcony railing and also decorated the walls and boxes with creepers. In such a place, it is pleasant to relax, receive guests, and cook dinner. 

To visualize the terrace, our artist used natural midday contrasting light for several reasons. Firstly, this is the most typical lighting for Israel, and therefore this is the most realistic lighting scenario. Such light gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how elements such as beams, pergola and plants create artificial shadows throughout the terrace.


The pool area is visually separated from the rest of the areas for a more intimate setting with direct access to the interior of the house.

In addition, to show how the terrace will look in the evening, we have chosen three projections together with the designer. Night scenes are an important part of any visualization project and are essential to unlocking the full potential of a project and illustrating how interior design works with different light sources. This gives the designer the opportunity to test different lighting schemes both inside and outside the interior, at no additional cost.

Customer review

Highly recommend! Professionalism, courtesy, patience, accompaniment throughout the entire process until a perfect final result! I enjoyed every moment of the process!!!

To summarize.

You can make sure that with the help of our high-quality visualization, the designer managed to get answers to her questions and achieve professional goals by presenting her project to the general public. And all this is still in the construction phase! We are glad that we were able to participate in such an interesting project and show with the help of visualization what a comfortable life in a new apartment awaits its future owners. It is an ideal marketing asset for all sides of the project.

Looking for real estate promotional images that perfectly match the preferences of your ideal clients? Contact us for professional visualization services. We will study your requirements and target audience in order to offer you the solutions that best suit your project. As a result, you will get photorealistic renders filled with atmosphere and story.

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