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Lightgraph – animation of lighting schemes

Lightgraph - animation of lighting schemes

Stas Krupetsky

Stas Krupetsky

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Lightgraph - animation of lighting schemes and the order in which sources are switched on.

This animation is a very interesting additional presentation material for a number of reasons:

  • such pictures look extremely impressive and dynamic, and the video will help attract potential customers;
  • will allow to show the customer the features and atmosphere of the room or building;
  • the cost of such animation is much lower than the standard one, since the work is carried out only on one specific angle, and for a low price you can get an interesting short video.
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Interesting architectural solutions when building a house are great, but not enough. A greater effect can be achieved by emphasizing the facade with elegant lighting.

High-quality street lighting for a private house is an opportunity to create a special atmosphere of the territory in the dark. With successful lighting design, the territory will look more aesthetic and advantageous than during the day. Experienced designers use outdoor lighting to create original landscape concepts.

With the help of our visualization, you can test different lighting schemes at the earliest stages without expensive investments, and understand which scheme is right for your project.


You can also recreate the living space with furniture and accessories to model the atmosphere in a more realistic manner.

Please note:

Cinemagraph animation is not an independent product; to create it, first you need to model the object itself, the environment, coordinate lighting and materials. Animation is performed as an additional service to any kind of architectural visualization.

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