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Future Living: 3D Vision of the Residential Oasis

Future Living: 3D Vision of the Residential Oasis

Olivia Alene

Olivia Alene

Content Writer, Copywriter

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This is the time to discover the new faces of Gadera: the unique approach of the “Gadera on a Stream” imaging project! The new project named “Gadera on a Stream” will be completed, and we are very excited to present the fruits of our labor. The client, Doron Partush Group, approached us with the request to comprehensively solve the marketing sector, with the task of implementing the 3D visualization of interior and exterior design for its new advertising campaign.

At the end of the work, we were left with a feeling of achievement. The partnership with the designer Eldad Mittleman was beneficial and enriching, and the project’s success is definitely much to his credit. We hope to continue and collaborate on future projects!

Interior Design

About interior design Interior designer Eldad Mittleman created this unique concept, which we managed to bring to life through visualization. He developed a vision that combines modernity with the warmth of the village, using bright colors and natural materials that characterize the open and bright space. The result is an inviting and elegant space, which feels innovative and at the same time familiar and comfortable, providing an aesthetic and functional experience to everyone who enters it.

During the development of the visualization, we went through several stages:

  1. Gathering the necessary information and defining the needs.
  2. Integrated work with the designer.
  3. Planning and building the 3D scenes.
  4. Integration of different models: colors, furniture, and accessories. Tests and adjustments to achieve the perfect result.

3D Renders: Point of View 360

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In the process of creating architectural visualization, the first step was modeling, where the three-dimensional model of the building was constructed and designed. Subsequently, in the second stage, corrections and improvements were made according to the needs and comments raised. The lighting test stage was critical to ensure that the light matched the scene and reflected the right atmosphere. Finally, we added human figures to provide scale and illustrate the living and active space around the building, giving a sense of life and dynamism to the visualization.

3D Renders: Point of View 360

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