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Our Story

The studio was founded in 2008 by Stas Krupetsky, a photographer and visual art specialist with over 20 years of experience. He aimed to found a studio that creates authentic images but at the same time performs them very accurately and in the shortest possible time. The studio specializes in photography and the production of static visualization and animation of the highest level of implementation.

We’re the experts in 3D visualizations for architects, realtors, designers, and even government organizations (they need to have fun too, right?)!

We take your ideas and make them real, tangible, and oh-so-professional. We’re making visuals so good, you’ll want to reach out and touch them! Our work helps our clients stand out in a sea of competition, save precious time and money, and most importantly, sell their ideas, and bring them to life.

So, come check out our portfolio and services and let us take your vision to the next level!

Our Team


Stas Krupetsky \ CEO

More than 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, photographer, and art critic. In addition to his passion for visual arts, he also enjoys playing video games and spending time with his beloved dog, Busi.


Katerina Pavelescu \ Senior Manager

Diverse background with a decade of experience in real estate and construction. She’s passionate about interior design, a talented chef, and loves dogs and music.

Mark Ignatenko \ Digital Marketer

Digital marketer with experience in real estate, interior design, and architecture. He has worked with clients in these industries to develop successful digital marketing strategies. In his free time, Mark enjoys woodworking and designing furniture.

Olivia Alene \ Content Writer, Copywriter

Talented content writer and copywriter. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s out dancing or engrossed in a good book. She’s also a movie buff, with a real passion for all things cinema.


Mary Lao \ CGI-artist

Mary is a CGI-artist known for her stunning 3D animations and visual effects. When she’s not immersed in her art, she enjoys hiking, trying new foods, and spending time with her cat.


Alex Ostrovsky \ CGI-artist

Alex is an experienced GCI artist specializing in interior and exterior visualization. With over 15 years of experience in CGI, he has a strong background in architectural education. In his personal life, Alex enjoys reading books, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his wife.


Vlad Zaika \ CGI-artist

Vlad is a skilled GCI Artist with 4 years of experience in landscape visualization. He has a technical education that has given him a solid foundation in his field. Aside from work, Vlad is passionate about snowboarding and enjoys spending time at the cinema. He also has a keen interest in VFX.


Busi \ Mascot

Busi is a beloved dog who holds a special place in the hearts of Stas and the rest of the team. Her friendly and affectionate nature has won over everyone she meets. Busi is always eager to show her love and loyalty, and she brings a sense of joy and positivity to the team. Her presence is truly valued, and she is cherished by all.

The values ​​that drive us

Continuous development

The processes in the studio are streamlined and work like a Swiss watch. Each specialist in the studio has all the necessary skills, but that does not make us rest on our laurels – we are constantly moving forward to new successes.

Our team

Our team of specialists in graphics, design, and architecture will make your project simply irresistible. We understand your needs completely.

Clients are our partners

The success of our customers is a measure of efficiency for our work. Therefore, we not only create impressive images but also combine the creative process with marketing activities, which is no doubt beneficial and attracts even more attention to our clients' projects and promotes them.

Responsibility and participation in the project

When we take on a project, we make it very personal; we give more than others. We have constantly been involved in the projects ourselves and share many years of experience in design and architecture, which helps avoid many mistakes and save money.

We are open to new experience

We believe that challenge is the best teacher and source of inspiration for the Artist. Therefore, when someone approaches us with an ambitious task that we have never completed before, we fully immerse in the objective and find the best solutions for our clients.

The art of service delivery

Providing a good service is an art, as is the creation of visualization itself. Our workflow is designed to make the experience extraordinary - a personal manager is assigned to each project. From the very beginning to the end of our work, a client has an opportunity to receive constant advice and support and feel our care.

Our Case Studies