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Kitchen design : 6 inspiring 3D interiors by Point of View 360

Kitchen design : 6 inspiring 3D interiors by Point of View 360

Stas Krupetsky

Stas Krupetsky

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3D visualization is widely used by interior designers, and for good reason. This is the best way to show your projects to clients. But the benefits of 3D rendering don’t stop there. Stunning CG images can also serve as high-end marketing tool for professional designers.

Designers work with studios to get photorealistic representations of every area in the house, including, of course, the kitchen. For most homeowners, this is the most visited room. This is the place where people go in the morning to have a cup of coffee, and where the whole family gathers in the evenings. Here people have interesting conversations over good food, share stories, drink and talk about daily events. This room is the heart of any home. So, demonstrating the overall advantages of a kitchen interior is crucial. This is where kitchen design rendering comes in handy.

Homeowners want their kitchen to be not only stylish but also supremely practical. They need to see that the space is designed to their liking. With 3D visualization, they can make sure that all their requirements are met. With 3D visualizations, an interior designer can easily prove to homeowners that their kitchen will be beautiful, functional, and tailored to their preferences. Want to see how it works in practice? Let’s take a look at 6 impressive examples of kitchen design visualizations made by our studio.

1. Classic Italian kitchen interior

Even though our client is from Canada, his work is usually inspired by American classics. But this kitchen is decorated in a classic Italian style. The designer asked us to recreate the atmosphere of a country house for an elderly couple with traditional tastes. Our 3D artist brought the idea to life using luxurious elements such as balustrades and capitals, that would create this mood.

All the details in this kitchen design complement each other perfectly. Exquisite floor tiles accentuate the kitchen island area, while modern bar stools make the interior less heavy. Glass pendants make the atmosphere airy. 

Despite the small size, there was enough space for everything. There is enough space for storing groceries, kitchen equipment, dishes, and other kitchen utensils. If the owners of the house decide to arrange a big family holiday, each guest will feel comfortable in this place.


Design: Nataly Smolyakof
3D renders : Point of View 360

2. Elegant minimalist kitchen

This is a rendering of a kitchen in the penthouse for our client in Ramat Gan. The design is made in a minimalistic style, functional and harmonious lines. All design elements match thanks to the monochrome palette, continuous lines, texture, and adapted lighting. The kitchen occupies the entire wall and separates 2 common spaces. The kitchen is quite large and it was important to show how it fits in with the rest of the space. Together with the designer, we experimented a lot with the color scheme, and in the end we settled on a combination of ebony, brass and black marble. Built-in appliances and an induction oven make them not too noticeable, which fits into the concept of the kitchen

Design: Keren Or-Noyman
3D renders : Point of View 360

3. Modern chalet style kitchen

This kitchen is part of a small private home in northern Israel. Its owners are a young couple who love to travel and collect souvenirs, various vases and figurines from the places they visit. Their favorite room is the kitchen. The selected interior design solutions allow to use of space more rationaly.

The couple wanted to keep the original colors and the ceiling beams. They wanted the house to look like a modern chalet. To combine the two styles, the designer chose to pair oak parquet with a smooth concrete floor.

The couple don’t have children yet, but they love spending time in the kitchen after work. They cook dinner and have a glass of wine and talk about their daily life. The entire kitchen is designed in light colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Design: Hadas Gal
3D renders : Point of View 360

4. Modern kitchen design in monochrome colors

When our 3D visualization company received the brief, the condition was clearly stated by the customer, which was that the kitchen should be modern and in monochrome colors. Most of the design of the kitchen is done in gray color, which creates an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. To add brightness to the room, our artist made the table top and island white.

As a result, together with the designer, we created a perfect, smooth and clean kitchen design. Everything about this space is light and simple, which is what makes this kitchen so appealing. The marble of the floor is a few shades darker than the colors of the kitchen and harmonizes well with the light tones. To add accents to the design of the kitchen, we decided to add orange velvet chairs.

Design: David Colins architects
3D renders : Point of View 360

5. Modern Eclectic

These are visualizations of a kitchen with a warm and pleasant atmosphere that invites sharing and cooking together. The overall idea of the kitchen is to combine modern, rustic and industrial elements to create an eclectic look.

With the help of visualization, we filled the kitchen with textured materials, with the added effect of playful and modern lamps. The design of the open island is in the loft style, which makes the interior even more diverse. Its functionality gives free access to all accessories at once, which makes it similar to professional kitchens.

Design: Nataly Levon
3D renders : Point of View 360

6. Stylish kitchen in modern Provence style

A small kitchen can be not only beautiful, but comfortable and functional. It is planned to have a lot of storage space for various things. Designer Nadine Cohen gave this kitchen a touch of Provence style. She used the features of this style, but modernized it significantly by using modern materials. She added shiny brass handles for an exclusive look. Our visualization had several important tasks. First, to show how different materials are combined and create the right mood. The second task is a little more difficult. Nadine’s customers is 60 years old couple. The head of the family, Moshe, is disabled, so it was decided that the height of the island would be the same as the height of the table. This was done so that the head of the family could have free access to it in a wheelchair if he wants to watch TV or chat with his family over dinner in the kitchen.

Design: Nadine Cohen
3D renders : Point of View 360

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