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3D Visualization: 5 ways to use it for an Interior Designer and Architect Marketing Campaigns

3D Visualization: 5 ways to use it for an Interior Designer and Architect Marketing Campaigns

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The interior design industry is very competitive, and the statistics can prove it. There are thousands of interior design companies competing for the clients’ attention. In this environment, the designer must find a way to stand out and do the marketing of their services effective. In this case, even the most talented professional will compete with those who promote themselves smartly.

How to win this game? Launching a mass marketing campaign is the answer. This interior design company needs to develop eye-catching visuals that appear on different channels and be sure to receive new images to update promotional materials periodically, which is, however, not as easy. First of all, designers need already completed projects to take first-class photographs of them. What if you have no completed projects yet?

Where to get an image for an advertising campaign in this case? In such a situation, an interior design company should opt for the services of an architectural visualization studio. 3D rendering allows you to show the implementation of your projects that are not completed yet or completed but need some editing. In this way, the design studio can get you a lot of beautiful images you can use for different marketing purposes. The fair question arises: how to use this visual content as efficiently as possible? This article offers five ways of successful marketing with 3D visualization!

1. 3D visualization in social media

Their interior design experts and architects must engage on social media to promote themselves as artists ​​and successfully market their services. They need well-designed business profiles on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram and specialized ones like Pinterest. They all reveal great opportunities to find new customers and generate brand awareness. They must ensure that their profiles are active and contain many great images of their work on the pages. If the page is not regularly updated, subscribers will forget about it quite soon. Thus, using beautiful images determines the brand’s success on social media.

Suppose there are no new photos of finished designs. In that case, specialists can order high-quality computer graphics renderings to show their work still in development or visualise their ideas. It helps to sustain activity in profile even when you don’t have newly finished projects for a while. In addition to demonstrating new concepts, you can use 3D visualizations for other types of content. For example, you can use interior design 3D visualization to illustrate home improvement tips that the expert wants to share with his audience. In this case, the 3D visualization of designers’ sketches or drawings will impact the audience more than random pictures from photo stocks.

2. Mailing and messaging

Mailing remains one of the most effective ways to deliver promotional materials. Today’s most popular channels are a classic email newsletter, messaging in Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. People prefer the mailing method as a less intrusive way to get information about products and services than other common tactics. This preference is valid for all industries, including interior design and architecture. The effectiveness of mailing is also represented by the fact that contacts on a designer’s mailing list are usually the ones who already have subscribed to it. This means that they already have shown some interest in the services offered by the interior design company. And to make people interested in your services, you should give them catchy, exciting, vivid images.

In this field, interior design or architecture visualization increases the marketing effort’s effectiveness. CG images are great illustrating material for promotional emails such as brand welcome emails, brand history articles, regular newsletters, etc. The design company may receive specific CG images for some of the newsletter series to ensure they address the topic well. And, as mentioned, they can get as many photos as they need. Moreover, since it is possible to get designs in various styles with any furniture and decor, it will be easy to customize the messages to suit the recipients’ preferences.

3. Company website

To ensure that the company’s website brings a lot of quality results, it must stand out with helpful content and a high rank on Google. Using 3D visualization is a great way to achieve these goals.

Visualization allows you to get new photos without waiting for projects to complete. You can regularly upload new high-quality images to the site’s gallery. 3D visualization can be used not only in the portfolio but also on other site pages, for example, in a blog. Having fresh content helps a site get the attention of Google, boosting its rankings. It also keeps the site audience up to date with the expert’s professional progress. You can see an example of this on our blog…

4. Printed promotional materials

3D visualization is beneficial not only for the website and social media. You can also use it effectively in offline promotional materials. These can be flyers, business cards, brochures, etc. 3D visualization allows companies to create first-class printed materials with high-quality images in any style and for any interiors or exteriors and dramatically helps the brand’s marketing success.

For example, you can use high-quality brochures or large, high-resolution banners with attractive designs for promotion at trade shows or fairs. They will help businesses stand out due to their quality and the variety of creative ideas they showcase.

5. Publications in professional media

Publishing in magazines, professional websites, and blogs is a great way to build a high reputation and brand awareness in the interior design industry and generate new potential customers. These include

 When published in these media, the designer can illustrate their knowledge with photorealistic 3D visualization of their work. 3D rendering is a good option because if the expert has some exclusive ideas that have not yet been brought to life, he will be able to show them in realistic CG images.

In addition, visualization comes in handy when you need to change the image to suit the magazine’s requirements quickly. For example, if higher resolution images are required, the design professional may ask a 3D visualization studio to provide pictures of the required quality. Or, as an example, if you need to focus on one of the details of the scene, 3D artists will make it easy because they already have ready-made 3D interior scenes that were used to create original materials. Thus, they can render new 2D images with modified characteristics quickly.

Interior design 3D rendering can be helpful for a designer’s advertising campaign in a variety of ways. It enhances social media and email marketing and helps the company’s website rank higher on Google. You can also use CGI to develop high-quality print materials.

Do you want to make your advertising campaign unforgettable and stand out? We will help you. Contact us and get professional services and high-quality results in a short time.

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